Codium Networks
Codium Networks is a US-based vendor of CBRS CPEs
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We are pioneers in the CBRS/OnGo space, having contributed to the development of the Part-96 rules and CBRS Alliance specifications which today are the foundations of the booming CBRS/OnGo market.

We can offer you an end-to-end CBRS solution, including spectrum and all the equipment required to offer carrier-class broadband service to your subscribers.

If you would like us to help you get your CBRS spectrum allocation and work out the rest of your CBRS network roll-out requirements please contact us at:





OnGo is the CBRS brand launched by the CBRS Alliance – the industry body encompassing all the technology vendors, service providers and others working today in the CBRS eco-system


New spectrum


Up to 150MHz of prime, mid-tier spectrum is now available (3.550-3.700) at little to no cost – so that WiSPs can deploy smaller LTE networks for Fixed Wireless Access service to subscribers in lower-density markets.

Ceres Management_Icon

Dynamic, real-time, hierarchy-driven, spectrum allocation from a centralized database called a ‘SAS’ (Spectrum Access System).


Three-tiered license approach:

1) Incumbent Access, 2) Premium Access (PAL – licenses are acquired at auction, 3) General Authorization Access (GAA)




A minimum of 80MHz of spectrum is available to service providers free of charge




(Spectrum Access System) a real-time spectrum monitoring and control platform enables the spectrum to be continuously allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis and on the principle of “use it or lose it”


A superior alternative to WiFi technology


The wireless technology employed in CBRS is LTE – for the first time service providers of all sizes can roll-out their own LTE networks to offer both Fixed Access and Cellular Service to their subscribers

Write to us today with your CBRS/LTE network requirements and we will respond immediately with information on our powerful suite of cost-effective products and services