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CBSDs/eNBs and EPCs
If you’re looking for LTE/CBRS network hardware and software other than CPEs such as base stations (eNBs) or an IP Core –please ask for our extensive range of eNBs/CBSDs and EPCs. Our LTE infrastructure products are battle-hardened, high-performing and extremely price-competitive.



All our products are LTE-Advanced certified


3GPP Releases 10, 11, 12 an 13 are all supported by our CPEs; this enables operation with such high-performance features as Carrier Aggregation, high-end MIMO and 256QAM.


Unleashing the power of LTE Small Cells


State-of-the-Art LTE outdoor small cells offer Macro eNB-like performance with CPE-like economics.

Ceres Management_Icon

Intuitive Network Management


Our Network Management Solution reduces the complexity of LTE  operations so that a single engineer can provision, monitor and troubleshoot an entire network.


“WiFi  on Steroids’


CBRS has been called “Wi-Fi on Steroids”; because it allows smaller carriers and WiSPs to roll-out carrier-class broadband services leveraging zero-cost spectrum based on the superior LTE air-interface.




QAM-256 achieves 33% more bits/symbol than QAM-64, maximizing the capacity of your wireless links.


Carrier Aggregation


CA utilizes atleast 2 separate 20MHz channels, delivering 220 Mbps or more of capacity.

LTE’s Superior QoS


Prioritization of Voice, Video, and Data has never been so powerful; up to 20 QCIs (Class of Service levels) for ‘bearer traffic’ are configurable in your CBRS/LTE network to allow for an exceptional subscriber experience.

Write to us today with your CBSDs/eNBs and EPCs network requirements and we will respond immediately with information on our powerful suite of cost-effective products and services