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Codium Networks launches CBRS CPE business - Codium Networks
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Codium Networks launches CBRS CPE business

Codium Networks emerges as a leader in the supply of CBRS CPEs
Fort Lauderdale, Florida – April 27th, 2020

Codium Networks, a European 4G solutions vendor established in 2003, has now launched North American operations.
The initial focus of the North American campaign will be on CBRS and on a compelling value proposition of high-powered Outdoor B48 (CBRS) CPEs; offering the highest in-class-performance for both Cat6 and Cat12 CPEs, at ground-breaking prices.
Supply will originate from Kansas City and will eliminate all the headaches of importing foreign product, the related import tariffs and the many challenges of dealing with a foreign vendor. Technical support will be local and immediate; this is particularly important in trying to commission and configure a CBRS network while attempting to interface with a SAS and having to deal with a host of intricate operational parameters while being supported remotely by engineers located thousands of miles away.
The products themselves have been shipped in their hundreds of thousands to carriers and WiSPs around the globe and have received testimonials from some of the world’s larges carriers and RAN vendors as being “best of class’’. The Codium roadmap already includes 5G CPEs too.
“The CBRS market in the US offers a huge new opportunity for WiSPs to roll-out highly profitable new LTE-Advanced networks for an ever-expanding customer base, at a fraction of the cost of older generation LTE infrastructure. However, the cost of the CPE and its installation continues to be a major challenge. Codium Networks has been resolving this challenge for WiSPs in Europe, Africa and other regions of the world for the better part of two decades. it is time we now cover the gap that has opened in the US Market caused by the retrenchment of the Asian vendors who previously best looked after the American WiSPs” said the Chairman and CEO of Codium Networks.

About Codium Networks
Codium Networks has been active in the field of fixed wireless technologies since 2003. The company’s headquarters are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
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